Here's what clients are saying about Rebekka's work:

I am still going through your notes and suggestions, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you going above and beyond in helping me clarify my ideas! 

I wanted to say a huge thank you. You are an artist, I was so impressed by everything you were able to do to help make my dissertation better!

Rebekka is reliable, fast and very honest. She was able to turn my edits around in less time than she initially quoted! She is seriously amazing!!

You're a rock star. It looks great! Thank you for your help. I'll recommend you to others without a doubt!

When I started this doctoral journey, my greatest concern was the importance of following APA format. I'm an HR executive and had little prior exposure to and experience with APA. Thankfully, you were my APA guru! As a result, this journey was so much easier. Forever grateful!

Had a chance to finally review and integrate your edits into my dissertation. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are amazing. I really appreciated your attention to detail and careful consideration of my tone, my clarity, and my voice. Your services come with high recommendation and praise."

"Thank you, Rebekka!! You are truly amazing! It was a pleasure working with you.  I will surely give your name to the cohort on Friday as this cohort will soon need an editor!"

"Rebekka, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this journey.  Your APA knowledge is second to none and your familiarity with acceptable university standards has been invaluable."

"Thank you so very much! You have truly been a gift to me during these past years!"


"Just wanted to let you know that your edits helped me to get approved to defend my dissertation. Thanks so much for everything."

"Excellent job! I had a chance to review my dissertation with your feedback and I am throughly pleased. It looks GREAT! I truly appreciate your assistance."

"You are awesome!! Thank you for making this process a breeze."

"I must say, going through this document, I’m once again reminded of the exceptionally keen eye you have and of how thorough you are. Much appreciated Rebekka!"

"Sometimes we go through life unsure if we really make a difference in the lives of others.  I want you to know you've made a difference in mine.  Thank you!"

"I have tears in my eyes, tears of joy, as I am looking at this document.  There is no way I could have put this together without your help." 

"Bravo. You solved a citation/reference nightmare and polished up everything else. Thank you so much."

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "My deepest gratitude goes to Rebekka Helford, who provided valuable feedback during the early stages of this dissertation when it was in its thinking stage, and again at its final stage. Your edits and feedback have not only made this a better manuscript but also made me a better writer."  

"Thanks for making the process so easy, quick, and successful! "

"I appreciate everything you've done for me. You actually have my paper sounding like a real paper!  Thank you for sharing your talent with me."  

"I greatly appreciate your support.  You were prompt, effective, and efficient, and your efforts and skill clearly improved my dissertation.  I am grateful! " 

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "I am also very appreciative for the efficient work of my cheerful editor, Rebekka Helford.” 

"Thank you so much again for the excellent work and assisting in my completion of a huge accomplishment.  I will definitely refer you to my cohorts and colleagues." 

"I deeply appreciate all the great work you have done for me and your kindness."

"I think working with you was a Godsend and wish you all the best moving forward."

"My committee appreciated me going to you for editing before turning Chapter 1 into them for evaluation. I received an outstanding on my first try.  Thank you so much for all your assistance." 

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "Thank you to my writing coach and editor Rebekka Helford for helping me to crystallize my vision by transforming hundreds of pages of content into a more structured and meaningful study." 

"Your comments are my saving grace."

"Thank you again Rebekka, I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know who needs editing in the future and will certainly keep your information on file in the event that I ever need editing again. You have been GREAT in every aspect and more than fair on the pricing. I will be sure spread the word!"

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "Finally, gratitude is expressed to Rebekka, my editor, who was always willing to help me with a smile and whose patience is completely outstanding."

"Thank you, Rebekka! Your work is impeccable. I will definitely refer you!"

"I went through the entire document - and I most definitely have to thank you for a job very well done."

"I will be coming to you again for editing of Chapters 4 & 5.  Your work is outstanding."

"Thank you again Rebekka, you truly are a professional in this type of work."

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "I want to thank Rebekka Helford for her patience and professional support." 

"That was scary fast - a million thanks!"

"You have been very professional and I appreciate it."

"Thanks, again, for your help! You were very easy to work with and I appreciate your flexibility."

"My paper looks amazing!  Awesome job with the editing!  I didn't even expect that level of expertise.  Wow!  I really appreciate your work and will continue to refer my colleagues." 

"Thanks again for such good work and great attitude.  Feel free to use me as a reference.  You have been super."

"I really appreciate your gift for identifying confusion and cleaning up my tangential thoughts. I keep thanking God for you and what you did to make my paper flow. You will hear from me soon. Thank you again."

"Thank you for everything you do for me! I am so glad that you are on the team to get through the dissertation."

"Can I tell you how happy I am to have found you!!! You are awesome."

"Thank you for your wonderful assistance and incredible kindness.  It is always a joy to work with you."

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "To Rebekka Helford for your help in editing and support that enabled me to cross the finish line."

"Thank you so much for your work. I never could have finished this without your assistance."

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"Thank you so much for helping me meet my goal. This has been so intense!!! I could not have done it without your help!!!"

"I am very satisfied with your work and I will tell the librarian that I worked with you and what a great experience I had. You are an extremely efficient and a capable editor."

"Your comments are my saving grace. Thank you so much!" 

"It is just awesome for me to have you as an APA resource!"

From a client's Acknowledgements section: "I will be forever grateful to my editor, Rebekka Helford for her many hours of editing, and, in addition, for her questions that encouraged me to think and rethink my writing stance throughout the dissertation, adding much value to the document."  

"Thank you so much for working with me in getting this done. I appreciate your hard work and professionalism through the entire process! THANK YOU!"  

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"Awesome! Thank you so much. I am so blessed that I found you...you truly have made this experience amazing!"  

"Thank you sooo much for all the grammar changes and content suggestions. I really appreciate it. The project looks great and it was very timely. Thank you again!!!"  


"Let me express my gratitude to you for my wonderful [dissertation] proposal. I would not have been able to do it without your help and expertise."  

"I have to say your comments have improved my writing so much...you find a way to give my writing direction and I wanted to thank you for that!"  

“I appreciate your excellent work!”    

"Thanks for making my work so much easier for me to manage. Thanks for all your helpful comments. Nice working with you!"  

"I would like to express my thanks again and again and again. I finished defending my paper last Saturday and everything went well. Please know that I will never forget what you did for me. Again, thank you very very very much."  

"Wow! You really work fast. :)  "  

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did! I cannot tell you what a joy it was to go through this document!"  

"Thank you Rebekka - you are truly gifted.  I will be working with you again."    

"YOU.......ARE WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD!! Thanks for your awesome editing help!! Can't wait to refer more work your way!"  

"Thank you for helping to bring [my friend] to completion with her doctorate.  I really appreciate the fine job the two of you did!"    

"Thanks for all your help in making me a better writer."    

"Thank you for your editing recommendations.  It has definitely improved my dissertation."    

"My sincerest appreciation and warmest thanks for all your support with my doctoral dissertation oral preliminary exam."